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Hinata by chernotrav Hinata :iconchernotrav:chernotrav 364 11 The Terror of his Pain by AridanBlack The Terror of his Pain :iconaridanblack:AridanBlack 80 8 $5 Patreon Appreciation - Sombra by zombielily $5 Patreon Appreciation - Sombra :iconzombielily:zombielily 108 2
One Life To Love (LJ x Jeff one-shot)
(Hey there! I decided to make a one-shot based off the image Jack \(0^0)/ By EnImage, one of my favorite artists of cp ships. Go check him out on his page :3)
Third POV.
It was a fairly foggy night, nothing too special but somewhat harder to see through the forest. Most CP’s knew the forest like the back of their hands so it was easy to navigate through, however once in awhile the CP’s could get lost and the proxy’s had to find them. This night though was different, a cold edge making anyone’s spine shiver, muscles clench in anxiety, and hair’s on the back of your neck stand.
Clearly no one was comfortable walking into the forest, not even CP’s, yet that never stopped Jeff. And wherever Jeff went, his boy friend Laughing Jack would follow. They went out that night, braving the cold chills and into the human city. Thus letting the night sweep them away, but something that night set both their body and head on edge that evening.
In the city they were c
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Turtle Bros by BrokenDeathAngel Turtle Bros :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 235 7 Apology by BrokenDeathAngel Apology :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 484 45 BlushieBlushieBlushie by BrokenDeathAngel BlushieBlushieBlushie :iconbrokendeathangel:BrokenDeathAngel 906 137 MarshallLee by SlashAnimateYUS MarshallLee :iconslashanimateyus:SlashAnimateYUS 67 4 Oceanfront by Fuyukichi Oceanfront :iconfuyukichi:Fuyukichi 77 7 Night Club by Alloween Night Club :iconalloween:Alloween 312 40 Reflection: 5 by Yakushi--Kabuto Reflection: 5 :iconyakushi--kabuto:Yakushi--Kabuto 99 55 Looks like it was a draw again... by Yakushi--Kabuto Looks like it was a draw again... :iconyakushi--kabuto:Yakushi--Kabuto 95 50 1000 Changes: 11 by Yakushi--Kabuto 1000 Changes: 11 :iconyakushi--kabuto:Yakushi--Kabuto 57 21 Women of Ame Page 4 by MadaraUchiha-Chan Women of Ame Page 4 :iconmadarauchiha-chan:MadaraUchiha-Chan 4 2 The Akatsuki by MadaraUchiha-Chan The Akatsuki :iconmadarauchiha-chan:MadaraUchiha-Chan 13 7 Fem!Sasuke by MadaraUchiha-Chan Fem!Sasuke :iconmadarauchiha-chan:MadaraUchiha-Chan 6 4

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Wasn't expecting that Chapter 1 part 2
Chapter 1, part 2
When Sam and Dean were done reading the story the were shocked and chose to use the knowledge they found.
They called out fot an emergency meeting in the living room and they told the angels what they found out about  the amule.
The angels were now interested in the story themselves and started to look for some info. They all found different info, some more important than the other until Lucifer found a "sequel" of the story.
He called everyone and started to read what he found.
"After the father had killed the thief he travelled back home, he wanted to rest and sleep for what felt like a 100 years. When he arrived home he went straight to his room and fell asleep within secondes. The father was dreaming peacefully when suddenly his dream started to change
What once was a little field full of trees , all of a sudden became his house ,at night with the light of the moon shining trought the windows.
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0
Wasn't expecting that Chapter 1 part 1
Chapter 1 part 1
After everyone calmed down they discussed what to do with the cursed object, with seemed to be an amulet when they looked closer.
Sam said to put it in a protective box where it can't do any harm. Gabriel proposed to "Just stick it in the ground an be done with it" as he puts it.
Dean said to try and find more info about it, to find out what it is cabeble of.
Lucifer and Castiel both said to leave them out of it. That that "thing" was a bad signal, it was problems garunteed.
After a lot of complaining Sam and Dean started to search fot info, while the angels were grooming eachothers wings. 
They found out that the amulet used to belong to a clockmaker that lived in 1795. It was a gifed for his daughters 18the birthday, it was an amulet that could open with a clock and a picture of the both of them inside. But then their happy life ended when one day a thierf snuck into their home. The thief was looking for anything he could steel. He snuck into the daughters room
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0
Wasn't expecting that. Prologe
Sam was mad, because once again Dean didn't listen to him.
They were in the bunker arguingover how Dean brought a cursed object into their "house" as they call it.
Their raised voices woke up the other persons in the bunker, although you can say that they aren't execly human.
It were angels after all.
First one to wake up from the noise was none other than the brothers fav. angel, Castiel. He walked inside the library and saw Sam and Dean fighting.
He let out a groan and went into the kitchen to make a large cup of coffee for himmself, but also for the others because he was sure that they would soon wake up from the raising noises of men yelling.
Next to wake up was the famous jokern the one and oly Gabriel lady's and gentlemen.
After the war in heaven had been restored, the archangel came to live with his younger brother and the hunter. His reaction was a bit more irritated as cas reaction.
He went over to Sam and Dean and screamed at them with is true angel voice, the brothers, with
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Name's Kids
Lucy  18 years gold, red, silver wings
Luke 18 years gold, red , black wings
Bright 14 years white with gold tips wings 
Raven 17 years , pitch black wings
CJ ( Cas junior) 15 years black with blue wings
Samantha 16 years
Rayn 10 years 
Jewel 17 Light blue with a pink shine 
Loki 15 Green with black Wings
Grace 8 light blue, white,dark blue wings
Extra info:
Lucy and Luke are twins 
There are relationschips between these kids , i'm just not saying who 
Loki is the name of Gabriel's child ,not the real god but because his fake identety with the gods was Loki 
It is possible that i add a few more kids , but these are the most inportant ones 
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0
Story Info
Okey I had a thought or a dream a few days ago about a super cool story line.
It is about the figures in Supernatural have a freaky accident and they end up in an other time, and they meet some intresting people , their kids,
But they can't tell who they are because they are afraid they will mess things up in the future, It is better than i sounds
BTW i will sumit the children's name's later 
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0
Gothic cross by BCandButchfan Gothic cross :iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 2 0 Rose by BCandButchfan Rose :iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 3 3 pillars by BCandButchfan pillars :iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 1 0
Free to be yourself
You are who you are and not who they want you to be.
You are the only person who can tell you what to do and what to dicide.
You are the boss of yourself.
You are a spirit who can't be tamed.
You are a free person.
So be free to be yourself.
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 2
S.O.S by BCandButchfan S.O.S :iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 1 0
Ver aan de hemel
overdag mooi schijnen tot het ondergaat
De zon kennen we allemaal
grote bol vuur ver van ons vandaan 
het geeft ons een kleurtje, rood soms bruin
Het schijnt licht over ons heen
het verlicht de weg om ons heen het laat ons dingen zien zoals ze zijn
Hij gaat ooit wel verdwijnen, die zon daar zo hoog
tot die tijd geniet van het licht dat het je geven kan
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0
een vuurzee, dodelijk en eng
een kampvuur, groot en gezellig
een open haard , warm en mooi
alles hetzelfde maar zo verschillend
en allemaal met hetzelfde element: Vuur
rood,oranje soms blauw zelfs groen
maar soms realiseren we niet wat het voor ons kan doen 
het verwarmt ons in de winter
het maakt ons eten warm
het brengt licht in de duisternis
het maakt van ons hart een vlam
maar verdriet brengt het ook iemand sterft in een vuurzee
hele delen bos verdwijnen
we raken alles kwijt
maar dat alles is niet weg want zij hadden ook een vlam
en net als vuur het plant zich voort
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0

de winter kennen we allemaal
dan staan we samen te bibberen van de kou
ze haten het allemaal,de kou,de ongelukken,...
maar als ik aan de winter denk
zie ik iets totaal anders.

Ik zie sneeuwvlokken zo mooi en fonkelend als sterren naar beneden vallen
ik zie kinderen spelen,sneeuwmannen en engelen maken
maar het belangrijkste van alles is
het brengt iedereen samen
Samen voor een vuur en praten met elkaar  
de lichtjes van de kerstboom die het hele huis verlicht
het maakt ons blij en brengt ons samen

Dit is de winter in mijn ogen 
voor mij zou het langer mogen
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 1 0
zie je de figuren ? by BCandButchfan zie je de figuren ? :iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 1 0
her and the sun
I was young the first time i saw her in the light 
the sun made her face so bright 
she looked like an angel fallen from the sky 
and when i looked at her i feld like i was high
she had hair so gold as the sun 
and eyes were you can't hide from
i'll tell you now and tell you soon 
if you found someone like her
and you now you can't resist her 
than don't hold back and be shy
and go for it and say hi
:iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 0 0
light in the dark by BCandButchfan light in the dark :iconbcandbutchfan:BCandButchfan 1 0


"Life is a matter of choice. You can be a doctor who saves life. A lawyer who defends life. A soldier who protects life or you can be yourself, a person who touched my life." 
'I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.'


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I'm a girl who is not afraid to say who she is and who she wants to be.
I hate people who think that they are better than the others.
I am a girl who wants the world to change but doesn't get listen to



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